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Low Voltage Distribution Station for Cathodic Protection is used in cathodic protection systems of underground metallic (steel) facilities (UMF), such as gas, oil, product pipelines, utilities and other types of underground constructions, to protect them against electrochemical (soil) corrosion and destructive impact of the stray currents from rail electric vehicles and other power facilities. The stations are designed to be installed in the open air.

Regulatory Documents

  • The products meet the requirements of GOST Р 51321.1-2000 (МЭК 60439-1-92).

Design Features

  • Устройство УКЗНThe stations are designed to have the equipment for distribution of 0.23 kV low voltage in the power circuit of cathodic protection converters (PKZ), as well as in a number of additional equipment (telemechanics devices, air heating system, etc.) assembled in one metal cabinet.
  • The station is a metal cabinet placed on transport skids and has one section – low voltage distribution unit (LVDD).
  • The power is supplied from air or cable electric transmission lines depending on a unit configuration in Table 1 with the nominal power voltage 0.23 kV.
  • Distribution board is on the frontal side of the cabinet. Its design presupposes the places for PKZ and BSZ installation.
  • In the bottom right side of the unit LVDD has the entries for power supply cables and control cable from an additional unit UKZN, if any.
  • The bottom left side of the unit has the access holes for power supply cable and control cable to UKZV if UKZN is jointed with UKZV.
  • In the bottom right side of the unit LVDD has the entries for power supply cables and control cable from an additional unit UKZN, if any.
  • The station is closed with two single-wing doors, from the frontal and back sides of the cabinet.
  • The cabinet’s door is equipped with the locks with a similar security key.
  • Distribution board is equipped with a socket for repair tools and portable light among many other devices with 220 V nominal operating voltage.
  • The Climatic Categories for the units are U1 and UHL1. They are equipped with two heating elements and a temperature relay to adjust temperature inside the cabinet.
  • Transportation loops in the upper part of the cabinet and at the roof of KVV are aimed to lift and to transport the unit.
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