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Appropriate commutation of the power and measurement cable, control devices and protection unit management is of particular importance when the electrochemical protection systems are installed. This task can be easily solved by Test Station KIP.SК.

Installation Recommendations

Regulatory documents on installation rules and maintenance of main pipelines, other underground metallic facilities, as well as their protection from electrochemical corrosion specify the following terms and requirements to KIP.SК installation:
  • min 1 device per one kilometer of a pipeline (min 500 m in case of corrosion aggressive soils);
  • in the area where the cathodic protection system from the neighboring stations is no longer efficient;
  • one device on both sides from the passage max 500 m, at more than 500 m width two devices per every shore with underwater pipelines;
  • close location of the protected facility with other underground metal constructions or crossing them;
  • it is necessary to have the distance between the pipelines which is equal to their three diameters when the drainage points of electrochemical protection system are mounted.

Equipment Configuration

  • Control panel is mounted on a special square or triangular section post made from a frost and fire resistant polymer. The device is also resistant to the mechanical damages. Its breaking load is 2.5 kN min. The posts can be manufactured with additionally reinforced corners, if necessary. Nonerasible information can also be applied on the iron.
  • A signaling cap with the the light reflectors is placed in the upper part to identify KIP.SК very quickly at night.
  • Power and measurement cables run through a special access hole.
  • A terminal panel is protected with a hinged cover which can be locked. There is also an anchor for additional protection of the equipment.

KIP.SК.2.12 — 0


KIP.SК.2.12 — 0 BSZ.SК.PR.10-1


EHZ-CENTER offers you to buy KIP.SК. The product is very popular due to its low weight, no need in seasonal maintenance, a possibility to upgrade it with additional devices and to configure it in accordance with the client’s needs. Check the price for KIP.SК and leave your request at 8-800-250-11-83 or send a request at
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